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  • Request 1 Book at a time
  • Request only published books
  • Write the complete book title and author name
  • Don’t make duplicate book requests
  • Wait for 2 to 4 hours for books (In some cases it might be late)
  • Subscribe the sites (Only Subscribers/Members will avail this package)
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If you follow all these instructions, we will process your book in 1 day. Thank You

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29 thoughts on “Ask for a Book

  1. THIRDS Beyond the Books: Volume 1 by Charlie Cochet (second edition published in 2020) if you could, please and thank you very much

  2. Just a reminder to check your mail at [email protected], to which I have already sent a mail concerning infringement of copyright on my novel The Dark Frontier
    I trust you will a respond and remove my book from your site within the next 24 hours

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